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Time is the investors friend

Time is the investor’s friend

The share market has been extraordinary lately. On Monday of this week, the market fell by an average of 7.33%. This meant that the average Australian share had dropped by almost

black swan event

Black Swans

If you have been following the financial news lately, you will probably have heard people talking about a potential ‘black swan event.’ They are usually referring to the Coronavirus. But, what’s

asset rich cash poor

Asset Rich, Cash Poor

You may have heard the phrase, ‘asset rich, cash poor.’ No one likes to hear anything with the word ‘poor’ in it, but if you have to be poor, this is

Sleeping Easy in Retirement

Sleeping Easy in Retirement

If your plan is to sleep easy in retirement, then a piece of research we recently came across should be front and centre in your thinking. The Australian Bureau of Statistics


Game, Set and Match

Each year, the best 128 male and 128 female tennis players in the world make their way down under to contest one of only four grand slams played around the world.

Helping people affected by the bushfires

Helping People Affected by the Bushfires

Most of us have watched in horror as bushfires have burned across every state of Australia this summer. Many of us are moved to help those most affected. In this article,

First Home Loan Deposit

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

Welcome to 2020! We hope that this is a great year for you and those you care about. Normally, we would start a new year with something general about new year’s

take that holiday

Take That Holiday

This is our last blog post for 2019. We really hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve provided to you throughout this year. As the year draws to a close, can we offer

money and divorce

Money and Divorce

Divorce changes everything. Often without realising it has happened, most married people’s money management becomes intrinsically entwined with their spouse. When the relationship ends, that makes for a lot of unwinding.

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