February 2021

Happy New Year! We hope the summer period has been treating you well and that 2021 has kicked off in the right direction for you. We start our year of monthly newsletters with an analysis of what happened in the residential property market in 2020 and a recap of events – some of them quite extraordinary – in world share markets in January 2021. Enjoy!

December 2020

Welcome to the December newsletter, our last for the year. And what a year it has been! In this edition we take a deep dive into the performance of the Australian share market during 2020. In our first edition next year, we will look back on the impact of 2020 on residential property prices and ponder what 2021 might have in store.

November 2020

Welcome to the November newsletter. This month we look at how Australian shares performed for the month of October, and also take a look at some really surprising news from the residential property markets. Oh, and there was this thing last month called the Budget. We have a good look at that, as well. Enjoy!

October 2020

Welcome to the October newsletter. We are keeping things deliberately short and sweet this month, because next month’s newsletter promises to be a doozy! On the first Tuesday of October the Federal Government will hand down its Budget for the current financial year. The Budget was delayed due to the pandemic and we are extremely excited to see how the Commonwealth intends to address the economic impact of coronavirus. Watch this space and have a great month!

September 2020

Happy spring! In this edition, we take a deep dive into the Australian share market, comparing it to the US and other global markets. We do this for one main reason: we are starting to see some separation opening up between the performance of shares on the US market and the performance of shares on the Australian market. This might actually be a very good thing.

August 2020

The share market, interest rates and the residential property market. Not simple concepts, but in this our August newsletter we look at each of them in turn, paying particular attention to the impact that Melbourne’s resurgence in Coronavirus numbers might mean for them.

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