October 2021

This month we are going back to basics. An overview of the share market and a bit more of a deep dive into residential property prices and the way in which housing affordability has become a problem that regulators need to address. Let us know what you think!

September 2021

Australia’s share market largely tracked sideways during August. This month, we thought it would be interesting to look back over the last five years to see what the dominant share markets of the world have been. We also discuss how the real state of residential property markets is not likely to be visible until Covid restrictions start to lift in our two main markets.

August 2021

Shares, property and interest rates. During the month of July two of these went up and one stayed low. Can you guess which is which? Read on to understand what is happening in each of these three key segments of the economy.

July 2021

Happy new financial year! In this newsletter, we will focus exclusively on the share market, looking at it’s extraordinary performance over the last 12 months and then also seeing how a client could take prudent advantage of years like the one just gone – while also making sure they can act intelligently in a bad year, as well.

June 2021

Welcome to our June newsletter. In this edition, we examine how home prices continue to rise and are expected to do so until at least 2023. Meanwhile, the ASX 200 has reached record levels during the month of May, and interest rates remain at an all-time low. These are breathless times for asset prices!

May 2021

Welcome to our May newsletter. There will be a much awaited Budget presented next Tuesday evening, and so we will keep this newsletter relatively brief – there will be a lot to let you know about in coming weeks!

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