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It’s All About the Context

Our apologies if you do not like cricket, but it is a sport with much to teach us about money management. Cricket can often provide a brilliant metaphor for money management – it must be all the maths that both cricket and finance demand.
starry-night-Making Money while You Sleep

Making Money while You Sleep – Starry Night or Not

Passive income is the income generated by our investments. Because it is not linked to our time or (necessarily) our skill, passive income is not limited in the way that active income is. Indeed, it is possible to earn passive income even while we sleep.

Thinking Clearly

The most important thing in life is to think as clearly as possible. So, as 2021 gets underway, why not get in touch and together we can make this your ‘year of thinking clearly.’

That’s a Wrap!

As our last post for 2020, we simply want to say: well done on getting through 2020! We hope that, like the smiling boy in this picture, who has found a way to turn an upside-down world into a source of delight, you and your loved are able to find some fun and lightness this holiday season.

Your Country Needs you… to Take a Holiday!

This year has been a year like no other. Now that summer is with us, can we encourage you to take a holiday if that is at all possible for you? This year, more than ever, a holiday may be the most important thing you do – and not just for yourself!
losing interest-560

Losing Interest? Well, It Could be 2024 Before Things Change.

Earlier this month, Australia’s Reserve Bank dropped their target for interest rates to its lowest rate ever. This has dampened interest rates across the economy – as you will have noticed if you are a borrower or a saver. Rates will stay low for at least three years, so now is a great time to review your financial plan to make best use of these low rates.

Income Protection #3 – Nothing Lasts Forever

Changes are happening to income protection insurance. In recent weeks we have discussed two major changes happening in the income protection world. This week, we discuss the third change, which affects the duration of an existing policy.

Income Protection #2 – 70% is the new 75%

Changes are happening to income protection insurance. One of the main changes has already taken effect and we discussed it in an article two weeks ago. There are two more major changes, the first of which we discuss this week. We will discuss the final change next week.

Income Protection #1 – Indemnity, Indemnity, Indemnity!

Changes are happening to income protection insurance. One of the main changes has already taken effect, with a couple of others slated for 2021. This article will discuss the changes that have already taken place and we will publish a couple of articles in November discussing the changes that are yet to come.

General Advice Warning

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