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Help with HELP

Help with HELP

For most Australians, University is not free. That said, few Australians pay their Uni fees upfront. Most pay them via a loan scheme. This loan must be repaid when your income reaches a certain level. But a question sometimes arises: should you repay the debt sooner?
Would you walk out on a bad movie

The Movie Sucks. Should You Head for the Exit?

You have paid $100 for gold class movie tickets. About a third of the way through, you realise that this is the worst film you have ever seen. Do you leave now or do you stay until the bitter end? Your answer might have big implications for your financial future.
how to live a life with no regrets

How to Live Life with No Regrets

With half of our country in lockdown, and the other half worried about what is going to come next, this is a good time for some inspiring thinking. In fact, this is a great time to reflect on how we want to remember this time in our lives.
How to make your money make you happy

How to Make Your Money Make You Happy

We came across a wonderful little Ted Talk recently taking about how money can make you happy – provided you spend it right. The key is not what you buy with that money – it is who you buy something for.
What Makes Money Money

What Makes Money, Money?

While privately-traded cryptocurrencies are becoming more well known, they are unlikely ever to be used as ‘money’ in Australia. To understand why, it helps to understand what makes money, money.
What not to get Someone for their Next Birthday Present

What (not) to get Someone for their Next Birthday Present

If you are looking for a gift this coming summer, here is a present we do not suggest: a wallet or a purse. One day soon, carrying physical money will be a very unusual thing to do.
Half of Everything is Housing

Half of Everything is Housing

This week we came across an interesting little read from Fidelity International, an international fund manager. Their article examined the composition of Australian household wealth as of the end of 2020, which is about as recent as the data gets when it comes to this kind of thing.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS is an insurance scheme that funds supports to people with a permanent disability. The idea is that those supports work to reduce or remove things that disable a person. It is currently helping almost 450,000 people, so it affects a lot of us either directly or indirectly.
Preparing for Your Children's Financial Future

Preparing for Your Children’s Financial Future

Most parents worry about providing for their kids’ future. The specific way in which you save for your kids’ future might vary, but the essential principle is the same: the best way to help your kids is simply to maximise your own wealth.

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