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The 2020 Budget for Businesses

This week we bring you our analysis of the ways in which the recent Budget will impact on businesses. The main avenue for assisting business is an expansion of the instant asset write-off scheme that has been in operation for a few years now. Support for employment is also expanded – and there is even a little bit of support for businesses that try to help staff who they have had to make redundant.

The 2020 Budget for Households

This week we bring you our analysis of the ways in which the recent Budget will impact on households. The main impact will be for working people who will enjoy a series of tax cuts, but there is also some relief for people on income support due to age or disability and some incentives for employers to hire people on income support due to unemployment.

What’s All This About Deficits?

This week we finally received the 2020 Commonwealth Budget that was initially expected in May 2020. As expected, this is a whopper of a Budget and we will look at much of its content over coming weeks. This is our usual move, as it allows us time to fully digest what the Budget has to offer. For this week, we will focus on the part of the Budget that is generating the most headlines: the deficit. According to Treasurer Frydenberg, the Commonwealth expects a Budget deficit of $213 billion in the current financial year.

How Not to Argue Over Money

If you live with someone you love, then this week we want to offer you some light-hearted but useful advice to avoid arguments about money. After all, successfully managing money together calls for as much tolerance and good humour as all the other parts of life that couples need to negotiate. If you can keep smiling, everything becomes a lot easier.

Good Thinking Makes for The Best Financial Decisions

Good financial management is all about good decision making. This week, we discuss a simple way to help yourself make better decisions. Given that most of the country will remain in some form of lockdown for the foreseeable future, it is a method that makes even more sense for those of whose lifestyles have been seriously disrupted.

How to Be Effective

Peter Drucker was a giant within the world of management consulting. In 2004, he wrote a seminal article targeted specifically towards executives. Given the nature of 2020 and its impact on the world of work, we re-read the article recently and realised that its contents remain very relevant. In fact, they remain vitally important for anyone who has to work somewhat autonomously

Hello Sunshine!

Next week brings the first day of Spring – an arrival that can’t come soon enough in this most strange year! To mark the changing of the seasons, this week we take a lighthearted look at the relationship between money management and the weather. You might be surprised to know that serious researchers have looked at this question. So, for investors, could it really be a case of “Hello Sunshine?”

The Best Time to Plant a Tree Was Always 10 Years’ Ago

They say the secret to successful comedy is all in the timing. Funnily enough, the same goes for investment or debt management. But unlike with comedy, when it comes to money it is usually best to get in early. That’s because anything that earns interest is worth acquiring earlier - and anything that charges interest is worth paying off as soon as possible.

Haul up the Anchors!

The ‘mental side’ of money management is always important. Given the events of 2020, how we think about money has become even more vital. While no one really knows what the lasting economic impact of the Coronavirus will be, the one thing that we can be certain about is that many of our working assumptions will need to be changed. The new world will not be like the old world. We will all need to think differently when it comes to our finances.

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